Let’s Talk About Sports!


Ok so with the NFL coming to a close and it looks like the NBA and NASCAR will be ramping up, I want to take this time to say that I have been thoroughly entertained by what has gone on  in these arenas. Now as you know these are the mainstream sports but what I am extremely excited about are the upcoming Olympic Games.

We love sports

The Olympics in my point of view, especially the winter events, are where I find the best stories of overcoming despair and tragedy. I appreciate all sports and to see these tremendous athletes push through the added elements of snow, it is simply inspiring to me.

To be a professional athlete means sacrifice and long-term willingness to push on even if the outcome is unknown or guaranteed. Why would someone put themselves through the agony of constantly having sore muscles and bones? What is it that drives a person to practice shooting a basketball day in and day out? Huh…I wish I knew. I would bottle that stuff up and begin making profits off of it from every shy person in the world. Instant confidence I would call it.

Seriously though, in my time on this Earth I have done a fair amount of research and I can unequivocally tell you with a straight face that “progress breeds inspiration and confidence.” Just like the old saying practice makes perfect, well that is exactly what I am talking about. For me this rang true and I have been a witness to this happening for my children also.

Take basketball as a great  example. No one is born being able to drain a tree point shot by simply tossing the ball at the net. No. What does it is the repetition of the action that allows ones body to be able to gauge how much lift and force should be exerted in order for the shot to be made.

Money can buy a lot of things in this world but it cannot buy experience… at least not yet. I am waiting for the day when I can just sit down and get my Matrix style download.

Till next time friends keep pushing and keep fighting.

Top Hillsboro Auto Specialist


If you happen to find yourself within the area of Hillsboro, Beaverton or Aloha, Oregon then I would suggest that you stop in to get a proper wheel alignment from the vehicle masters at this little reliable maintenance shop.

auto repair shop in Hillsboro

Pace Way Frame & Axle Services is not only known for having the best Hillsboro Auto Mechanic, but for having one of the longest running relationships with his community. Having been in business for around 35 years the owner Bob can now hold his head high along with that title. Specializing in brakes, wheel alignments, axles, and differential problems, I can say to you with confidence that any car or truck will be in great hands when it is taken to the signature red and yellow building.

We can talk about the passion to work with cars that the owner shares and for a little bit more history have look at this that will have the history of auto repair. The shop itself in Hillsboro is where I go to have my brakes and drive train worked on. In Oregon we always get these huge down pours of water and that seem to come at weeks at a time. This in fact moistens up the ground underneath the black asphalt causing it to crack and crumble giving us those lovely but damaging potholes we all love.

If you are in a pothole ridden area I know you would understand what I’m talking about. What is even more troubling is what the drastic bouncing and crashing actions is doing to the underbelly of your rig. That is why I always get my yearly check ups done at Pace Way Frame & Axle to make sure the drive train to wheel pressure is all up to par.

The boys at the auto repair shop keep my truck running at it’s optimal performance and I am happy to pay for their services.  Now I know your car or truck running at it’s top performance levels isn’t something that crosses everybody’s mind but, if you don’t set aside some time and money for your maintenance then my guess is you vehicle may not work for you when you really need it to.

In closing, head to the website above as they have a cool video you can watch about the  most dangerous roads in the world, then have a look at the car maintenance tips page. OK take care of your car and when you need it the most your vehicle will take care of you